Hydro-Jetting Glasgow Drain Fix

All our drainage vans are fitted with state of the art, high pressure water jetting machines, (not to be confused with a garden pressure washer!) They deliver 4000 psi @ 12-14 gallons per minute. The armoured hoses have a selection of interchangeable nozzles to combat any type of blockage. Most handymen or plumbing professionals do not have this type of equipment, and will usually try to clear a blocked drain with push rods. This can work sometimes, but more often than not only buys some time, as the obstacle is simply pushed further down the drain and sticks somewhere else or you run the risk of losing parts of the roads down the drain! However, the jetting machines pulverise the blockage into small pieces which then flow away normally and at the same time, the pipework is scoured clean, as the hoses are pulled back out. The pipe is then clear, and ready to be cctv’d.