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Patch repairs and excavations Drain Fix

Sometimes there is no option but to excavate. The reasons for this are varied, but more often than not its because of a full or partial collapse, maybe a bottle or brick has jammed and can’t be moved by jetting. Whatever the reason, great care is taken to minimise any disruption to your garden or driveway. If the pipework is not too deep down we will hand dig. Other circumstances call for the use of a mini digger. The pipe will be exposed, and the damaged section cut out and replaced with new. The ground is then re-instated as near as possible to its original state and the surrounding area cleaned up. We will always advise prior to works involving monoblock that a landscaping company should follow behind after our works are complete.

When our cameras show your drain has root ingress, or displacements, we can more often than not repair this without having to dig up your garden or driveway. In the case of roots, we have two options. 1/ we do what is called a root cut. This is a flail machine which fits onto our jetting hose. It will trim the roots back to the point where they have entered the drain pipe. This will buy you some time, but invariably they will grow back bigger and stronger. 2/ After cutting, we insert a patch repair. This is usually a 1mtr long fibreglass patch which is wrapped around an inflatable tube, and inserted into position in the pipe. The tube is then inflated to a set pressure, and the resin is left to cure. The tube is then deflated and removed from the drain, leaving a nice smooth lining inside your drain which will stop the roots from returning. The same treatment is applied to displacements, and it stops waste materials from catching on the ragged edges of the pipe which cause the blockages.