City Vac Drainage Tanker

Often we will be called to something like a blocked toilet, and after investigation we may find that the outside inspection chamber is full of the proverbial waste. Perhaps after a heavy rainfall, the drains are not coping with the deluge, and the basement, or lower ground floor has flooded. It’s the same with the acco channels in large car parks, or road drains are choked with silt and debris. This is where our mini tanker comes in to its own. At half the price of a conventional vac tanker, it does exactly the same job. Drain waste is sucked up, the blockage cleared, and the waste put back into the sewer saving disposal costs. Whatever the problem, DRAIN-FIX has it covered !

(grease and other hazardous materials will require disposal off site)

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    What we offer

    • Drain Clearance
    • Toilet Blockages
    • Sink Blockages
    • Shower blockages
    • Down-pipe blockages
    • Gully clearance
    • Gutter clearance
    • Waste removal
    • High pressure jetting
    • Root cutting
    • Drain patch repair
    • Drain relining
    • Drain excavations
    • CCTV drainage surveys
    • CCTV drainage reports

    Drain-Fix Technicians are:

    • Clean and presentable
    • Have state of the art equipment available
    • Friendly, helpful and reliable
    • Trained in identifying the problems
    • Giving best advice and expertise on solution